Better Family Life Updates

by A’Keisha Lee

I’ve been at my internship for about two months. I’ve been progressing on my projects pretty well so far. Since my last blog post, my preceptor has given me an additional joint project with the other summer intern. Together we are planning several community conversations to Empower, Educate, and Entertain the community to encourage community engagement with the Cultural Center. I was excited to receive this project because it allows me to combine the findings from my other projects for a real-world application. I took a course in the Spring, Translating Evidence and Theory for Community Practice, that prepared me for the tasks I’m completing for Better Family Life. The primary challenge for me is reminding myself to center the needs of the community. I’m working with a team of three other employees. I keep up with my teammates in terms of executing SWOT analysis and logic models. Honestly, I lag behind when balancing the needs of all the community stakeholders.

The highlight of my internship so far was participating in the Better Family Life Employee Expo. The Employee Expo is an annual summer event that brings dozens of organizations to the community to offer resume reviews, and applications for welfare resources. During the Expo, I was able to venture out of my usual department and assist with marketing efforts. I created flyers and distributed them throughout the community at sites typically utilized by our target population. The day of the Expo I directed interviews with participants and recorded elevator pitches from organization representatives. At the end of the Expo, we assessed the success of the event. We had over 100 people walk through the fair and several organizations reported signing participants for interviews.

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