Talking Health: A New Way to Communicate About Public Health

The de Beaumont Foundation is proud to announce the launch of Talking Health: A New Way to Communicate About Public Health. Published by the de Beaumont Foundation and Oxford University Press, Talking Health is the first book to be published in the COVID-19 era with practical insights and tools to help public health professionals improve their communication about health issues.

Talking Health is informed by new research from the FrameWorks Institute and message testing by Hattaway Communications, helping readers:

  •     Define public health more clearly;
  •     Reframe public health assumptions;
  •     Avoid messages that backfire; and
  •     Bring data to life through storytelling.

The book features insights by social scientists, public health experts, and seasoned communications professionals, including:

  •      Karen DeSalvo, MD, chief health officer at Google
  •      Doug Hattaway, president of Hattaway Communications
  •      Nat Kendall-Taylor, PhD, CEO of the FrameWorks Institute
  •      Sarah Martin, PhD, vice president of strategic communications at mySidewalk
  •      Soledad O’Brien, award-winning documentarian, journalist, speaker, author, and philanthropist
  •      Brian Castrucci, DrPH, president and CEO of de Beaumont Foundation

Learn how you can communicate more effectively about public health, strengthen community partnerships, and improve health outcomes.

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