Building a Culture of Resilience

This online resource is a collection of micro-learnings and resources for building and cultivating resilience at the community, organizational, and personal level.

Course Description:

The goals of this online resource are to help support public health professionals in creating an environment where they can achieve success during times of increasing difficulty and overall challenges as well as to better equip individuals with practical actions and tools that can be applied in any environment, personal or professional by changing thoughts and behaviors in times of adversity and trauma.

Resilience is defined by psychologists as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress—such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, or workplace and financial stressors. We recognize that the word “resilience” has become a buzzword and can imply different meanings and we also recognize that resilience is often shaped by our experiences and background. Think about your own circumstances, how have you overcome challenges in your life? Resilience often involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that anyone can learn and develop.

How to use this resource:

Public health professionals at any level can select topics from the below menu as they are preparing to engage with their communities, elected officials and governing boards, and public health workforce, solve an organizational need or explore individual learning opportunities. You may select one or more of the micro-learning topics to develop resilience at the community, organizational and personal levels. The highlighted micro-learnings are intentionally brief in time (1-10 minutes) so they can be used in group settings as a just-in-time education, debriefing companion or discussion scenario. Also, you can refer to the Public Health Implementation Guide: Integrating Micro-learnings Into Practice (see below) with examples of how to easily integrate resilience topics into practice.

This online resource, Building a Culture of Resilience was developed by the Public Health Learning Network, a consortium of regional Public Health Training Centers, the country’s most comprehensive resource for public health workforce development.

Disclaimer: This is a living online resource and we will be adding information periodically. Please check back often.

Sponsor: Training Source
Training Format: Online Course
Publish Date: 2021

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