Creating Substance Abuse Toolkits

by Meghan Cordova


For my project, I have been creating a Toolkit with information on different substance abuse and mental health themes to be used throughout the year in the area high schools and interested businesses.

The Toolkit consists of newsletter information, flyers, and graphics that can easily be used by those in charge of organizing information for parents and students in the area. All the materials are from parenting handbooks provided by my preceptor, Amanda Drier, an employee of the Southeast District Health Department.

Prevention Partnerships

The project was originally created through the Prevention Partnerships Coalition, a group facilitated by my preceptor. The group works to implement different public health projects in their communities, including a new website that will help connect parents to resources on different issues such as substance abuse and mental health problems their children might be experiencing.

This group meets once a month, and as part of my work, I attend these meetings. After observing the first meeting, I was happily surprised at how well the group spent the time – everyone was participating in the discussions and bringing their expertise to the group.

I will be presenting my work so far (materials from August-December and January-May) to the group later this week at the next coalition meeting, and am looking forward to feedback from them!

Here are some examples of the resources I am creating!

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