Final Day at Better Family Life

by A’Keisha Lee

June 10 was the last day of my field experience. My preceptor and I met to discuss how my tasks fit within the larger mission of Better Family Life. Currently, my preceptor is realigning projects within the cultural arts department to center around the same goal. The goal is to prevent intergenerational poverty among our target population through Better Family Life services. The research provides evidence and highlights the value of centering cultural humility when developing intervention programs.

Entering my field placement, I wanted to learn how to turn my passion projects into marketable skills. I told my preceptor about my passion for advocating for marginalized communities and about my goal to create training tools that promote cultural competence within professional environments. During our final meeting, my preceptor invited me to continue working with her in the fall. In the fall I will be assisting with the development of a cultural competency curriculum for Better Family Life’s community partners.

Throughout the final week of my field placement, I have been reflecting on my time with Better Family Life. My projects have allowed me to strengthen some of my weak areas. Now, I have a greater understanding of all of the metrics that must be addressed to create a successful program.

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