Four Key Priorities

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris highlighted four key priorities for their administration: COVID-19, Economic Recovery, Racial Equity, and Climate Change. The Midwestern Public Health Training Center has done work in all of these areas and we look forward to continuing and strengthening this work.


Take a look at our COVID-19 Resource Center. Our partners across the region have provided guidance and support to state and local health departments throughout the pandemic. The coordinating center at the University of Iowa helped the University develop videos for all students returning to campus. Additionally, we produced a mini series of podcasts about COVID-19 in our region.

Economic Recovery

Our training priorities include change management and systems thinking, both important skills to ensure health departments are prepared to participate in community conversations to work toward improved population health. From social determinants of health such as housing to workplace safety to food access, our economy impacts health and vice versa. A healthy workforce is a strong workforce.

Racial Equity

Racism is a determinant of health. MPHTC staff participate in collegiate, state and nation-wide conversations and committees identifying ways to address racism in our work. We are committed to diversifying our subject matters experts, presenters and who we work with and support broadly. Take a look at our health equity resource center and Tackling Equity podcast series.

Climate Change

There is no doubt climate change threatens public health. In our currently releasing Rural Health podcast series, nearly every guest identified climate change as a threat to their community. Tune in January 26 for an episode on food systems and February 2nd for an episode on environmental health to hear more about how climate change is impacting our region.

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