Final Days at Generate Health

by Preeti K. Pulluri

Hello everyone,

I am done with my internship on May 7th 2019 at Generate Health.

Let me tell you about the activities I did in the last few weeks of my internship!!

A photo of Preeti at Child Advocacy Day.
Preeti at Child Advocacy Day.

Most interesting was Participating in child advocacy day with Deaconess foundation. We all travelled as a big group to Jefferson City to meet our senators and representatives at the capitol building and requested they support child health and other upcoming issues for child well being. That’s a great exposure to advocacy sector of public health. Attended training in child advocacy and completed two training courses.

Next big one was a social determinants of health tour with executive director Rose Anderson-Rice. We went on two hour tour to many significant zip code areas in North County and Ferguson to discuss and know about historic events that reflected racism. We visited historic building like Anne Melone which was started as St.Louis colored orphan home and now turned into children and family services. On the trip we learned about the role of politics and industrial closures on economic fall of colored people and the segregation.

I participated in a fetal infant mortality case review process with multi sector team of doctors, genetic counselors, nurses and public health professionals including data coordinators and epidemiologists.

I prepared for the Safe Sleep Summit which was conducted at SSM Health Depaul, on May 3rd with the FLOURISH Initiative.

I attended a few other small group meetings at Nurses for Newborns, Thread stl, and did couple webinar trainings from Civic Canopy training and All in Webinars.

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