by Preeti K. Pulluri

Hello Everyone,

I am half way through my internship at Generate Health!!

In the next few weeks I participated in inter-organizational meetings at various locations like UNITED WAY, BJC Learning institute, Infant loss resources, Deaconess foundation.

There were weekly meetings at Generate Health for Infant Mortality reduction. Participated in small group meetings on safe sleep summit planning with people from organizations like University of Missouri-St. Louis and SAFEKIDS.


  • Attended Generate Health’s Quarterly meeting conducted at Heights community.
  • Participated in Clinton Peabody event organized by Generate Health for promoting infant health.
  • Attended the “Train the Trainer” session for champions of safe sleep.

This internship is a great platform to learn about function of various organizations including non profit, for profit, managed care organizations. It allows to participate in community outreach programs and learn how to mobilize community members and collaborate to promote common goals.

The internship helps to improve communication skills, reasoning, learning evidence-based methods and tools like shared measurement tool for safe sleep.

There is lot more than I can put here but will share again in a few weeks!!  

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