New Book co-authored by MPHTC Faculty – Sonja Armbruster

Sonja Armbruster, Faculty in the Department of Public Health Sciences, College of Health Professions at Wichita State University recently co-author the new book:  Collaborative Performance Management for Public Health: A Practical Guide (Amanda E. McCarty, Sonja M. Armbruster, John W. Moran). This was published June 15, 2020.

Ms. Armbruster is a national expert, consultant, and trainer on quality improvement and performance management. She is also a co-investigator with the Midwestern Public Health Training Center (MPHTC).

“There are few books on Performance Management (PM) that address public health professionals as a target audience and options to directly apply concepts to public health. In addition, PM concepts are only embedded in public health management and overview textbooks that don’t provide the needed depth to adequately develop competency in this area. Building the workforce in healthcare and public health is seeing PM as a best practice standard. While this is widely believed, the implementation can be intimidating. This is a timely book because of both its relevance in the health care and public health need to improve the health care system and the requirement and expectation that organizations provide actual metrics for performance outcomes. The relevance of this work should be long standing, especially because it’s outlining foundational concepts from a practitioner standpoint.“ Book Review by Suzanne Hawley, Professor in Public Health

The book can be found at this link.

Click here to read Sonja’s blog post, “Performance Management Is a Bit Like Making Sourdough (Or Making Sourdough Is a Bit Like Performance Management)”.

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