Performance Management Training Series

Course Description:

This series serves to increase participants’ understanding of the purpose and benefits of performance management and provide guidance for getting started with building a performance management system.

The series includes three modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Performance Management
Module 2: Building Your Performance Management System
Module 3: PHAB Requirements Relative to Performance Management
Designed as a self-paced, interactive, independent learning opportunity, each module consists of recorded presentations including exercises and self-check questions.

This introductory-level series is intended for individuals working in governmental public health who are new to performance management and/or who are responsible for building a performance management system for their agency. While the content and examples are focused on governmental public health, many of the concepts can be applied to organizations and agencies in other public-service sectors as well.

Sponsor: Mid America Center for Public Health
Training Format: Online course
Publish Date: 2018

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