PHAB Announces Changes to the Accreditation Process

A new Guide to National Public Health Department Initial Accreditation was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) this summer. The Guide contains a number of policy and process revisions. Health departments considering or working toward accreditation should carefully review the new Guide to National Public Health Department Initial Accreditation. A PDF copy of the Guide is available here

Printed copies are available for purchase in PHAB’s online store. A table of effective dates of various policy and process changes may be accessed here

While the overall process for accreditation has not changed, a number of policies have been revised and others newly adopted. The previous Guide was adopted in 2011 and, based on evaluations and learning over the past few years, required revisions. The process for health departments to seek accreditation is significantly improved with the adoption of the new Guide. Implementation of most of the revisions of the process in the Guide require that changes be made in PHAB’s information system, e-PHAB. The e-PHAB changes will be complete and ready for implementation on February 1, 2016. Other changes in policy were effective September 1. See the table for effective dates of the various changes in the accreditation process.

 The development of the new and revised policies was steered by PHAB’s Accreditation Improvement Committee. The members of this Committee represent state, local and Tribal public health departments. Proposed revisions were vetted with the public health community and comments were carefully considered by the Committee. Please refer to Appendix 1 and 2 of the Guide for an overview of the revised process. Contact Robin Wilcox, Chief Program Officer, at with any questions.


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