Planning and Budgeting for Public Health: The Business Plan

Course Description:

Practitioners in the field of public health find themselves in serious competition for funding. How do we make sure that the activities we advance to protect, maintain and promote the health of the public are a priority for funders. One of the ways we can improve our chances is to make a strong business case for our work. This brief overview will give you a simple outline to assist you in building a business plan for public health activities.

At the conclusion of this training, you will:

  • Define public health finance.
  • Identify three major domains of public health finance competencies (knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in
  • Describe the financial cycle within organizations.
  • Explain the reasons for a business plan.
  • List the major sections of a business plan template
Sponsor: Midwest Center for Lifelong Learning in Public Health
Training Format: Online course

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