Regional Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Casey Parnell

Casey Parnell

Introducing Casey, who recently joined MPHTC! She attended her first meeting in 2020 in Des Moines following the invitation from another one of our amazing Regional Steering Committee members, Kristin Wilson of the Heartland Center. Casey has so far appreciated participating in important public health conversations.

As the Project Manger for the #HealthierMO initiative, she is working to transform the future of public health in Missouri. Casey spends much of her time planning, attending and facilitating meetings, collaborating with other project staff, presenting, and writing emails. She also works with public health system stakeholders to strategize how to improve the system. What does she enjoy about her work? In her words: “… it is different everyday, and I get to meet with many people who are passionate about their work in public health.”

Casey sees MPHTC as a central hub of public health information for our region. It facilitates the continual support and improvement of the public health workforce, which is essential for an effective public health system. While she herself is still learning about all of the resources that MPHTC offers, she wishes others “knew what a fabulous wealth of public health knowledge was readily available but also that there are strong existing connections between public health professionals in states across the Midwest that can be leveraged to support public health in any of these states.”

Her biggest dream for public health? Casey wants public health to receive the recognition it deserves for all the good that it does in communities. Increased recognition would go a long way to addressing funding and resource issues, which would produce dramatic changes in health outcomes and our healthcare system. “I want to see increased acknowledgement and investment in prevention efforts.”

Thank you, Casey!

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