Regional Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Colleen Svoboda

Colleen Svodoba

This Regional Steering Committee Spotlight is dedicated to Colleen, who has been involved for around three years while at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and then at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health. She supports the public health practice community in her day-to-day work in Nebraska through the provision of facilitation, planning, and assessment support. You might find her preparing for the next facilitated event or documenting the meeting she just completed, as well as reflecting on what worked well, what needs improvement, or learning about a new method that might work for those she serves. In her words she “also spend[s] time supporting other humans”, which is very important!

Colleen believes there are so many valuable aspects of the MPHTC. She appreciates the multi-state collaboration aspect to address specific training needs of the public health workforce, allowing for the leveraging of regional resources and continued connection.

Her biggest dream for her work? A Nebraska public health community engaging in rich dialogue about the care and maintenance of our public health system, and then identifying and acting upon opportunities to make it stronger. Thank you, Colleen!

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