Regional Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Kevin Grieme

Kevin Greime

Kevin has been involved with us for at least 6 years! When asked about his day-to-day work life he says, “sporadic, chaotic, and never mundane!” After all, when you work with staff and community partners, you need to have flexibility in your work day as you never know when a new opportunity will produce itself. With that, a standard part of the day includes communication and contracts and grants responsibilities. Kevin maintains an open door policy for staff because he sees it as vital to best utilizing the talents and abilities of each member of his team. Another part of his work includes supporting the development and maintenance of a strong public health system across the state. He says, “depending on the year, interacting and educating elected leaders present challenges, but many opportunities”.

He believes the value of MPHTC is providing an opportunity for low to no-cost training that staff members can complete from their work stations. He goes on to say that MPHTC is a part of a multi-state initiative, “which allows Iowa to benefit from public health professionals working in adjoining states, while sharing our expertise with them”. While the steering committee continually identifies new training needs, they ensure that what is completed is quality work and valued.

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