Regional Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Kira King

Kira King


Our next spotlight is Kira, who just recently joined us in the fall 0f 2020! Like everyone else, she does a lot every day like managing training, procuring professional development opportunities, facilitating educational field experiences for students and residents, linking volunteers into positions that support the work of their organization, and ultimately, establishing connections and relationships across sectors to drive the department into alignment with Public Health 3.0. As if she wasn’t busy enough, she also co-chairs her department’s Workforce Development Committee and Innovations Team, is a steering committee member of Johnson County Government’s first Collective Learning and Development Collaborative, and is an active member of the Kansas State Workforce Development Coordinating Council.

She places MPHTC’s value in how it gathers “folks from similar environments who are more likely to understand the challenges we face in this area due to things like politics, population, culture, the environment, etc.” Kira wishes her colleagues knew that their connection to MPHTC would enhance their knowledge base of the many different aspects of public health and therefore strengthen the connection of their daily tasks to the overarching goals of this field.  

What is Kira’s biggest dream for the public health workforce? She hopes that quality training and skill development becomes more of a priority to health departments and that public health becomes a field that is highly coveted, not only because of the work that is being done, but for the caliber of the people who work in it. They deserve recognition and respect!

Thank you for all you do, Kira!

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