Regional Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Kristin Wilson

Kristin Wilson, PhD, MHA


Introducing Kristin, the Heartland Center Executive Director who has been involved with us since 2018! She is also a full-time faculty member at Saint Louis University’s College for Public Health & Social Justice where she teaches, mentors, researches, consults, and services the community and public health. Like many of our Regional Steering Committee members, her day looks different each day, balancing work projects and multiple priorities. Kristin says that with the pandemic, her day has been much more focused on working with and supporting the public health workforce, as well as advancing efforts with partners to “facilitate health and social care integration”.

What does she find valuable about MPHTC? Kristin sees many similarities in our Region VII and having MPHTC as a resource makes collaborating and strengthening our public health infrastructure much easier than it otherwise would be. She just wants colleagues to know about the vast amount of resources and expertise they can leverage to regionally collaborate around a variety of important public health issues.

Her biggest dream for public health and her work? In Kristin’s words, “a much more policy and collaborative, integrated, systems approach throughout health and social care as we work towards improved health and community outcomes”. It is critical to move forward in this way, and we as public healthers need to realize and support that value!

Thank you, Kristin, for all your work!

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