Regional Steering Committee Spotlight: Brandon Grimm

After majoring in exercise science in college, Brandon Grimm was encouraged to explore public health by a family member. Brandon was excited by public health and the opportunity to help people by systematically improving the health of whole communities, rather than client by client. Brandon later earned advanced degrees with the intention of working in workforce development in public health.

In their daily work, Brandon serves as the Associate Dean for Public Health Practice at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health. Brandon “works every day to build the capacity of our current and future public health workforce through practice-based research, teaching, mentoring, and community engagement.” They also work to impact the workforce in Region VII through their involvement with the Midwestern Public Health Training Center. Brandon has been involved with MPHTC for over 6 years.

Brandon sees a great opportunity for capacity building of the public health workforce in region VII because of the great collaborative relationships that exist in the region, especially within the partnerships across MPHTC and numerous practice partners across the region. It is because of this hard work and dedication that Brandon holds the vision of public health in action where “all communities would value and expect that everyone in every community has the same opportunity to live a happy, healthy, and safe life.”

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