Regional Steering Committee Spotlight: Dena Fife

Dena Fife


Dena has been with us for a long time, on and off with different projects since 2009! She first joined as temporary help, then went on to contracting with us, and now is employed full-time as an instructional designer. Like the others, her day-to-day work varies with the many projects MPHTC is involved in. Dena tries to work on different projects each day so that she has the opportunity to spend a good amount of time on each, as well as keep things different!

What does Dena think is important about MPHTC? In her words, “MPHTC has niche expertise and resources that support the entire public health system to be more effective. From on-demand training to amplifying others’ public health education efforts, MPHTC is a trusted partner.” She goes on to say that we bring a variety of tools, courses, and contacts to the table. She just wishes more people knew about us and the services we can provide!

Thank you for being a valued member of the team, Dena!


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