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Share Public Health is our podcast connecting you to public health topics, issues, and colleagues throughout our region and the country, highlighting that we all share in public health. In this podcast, we will explore public health topics including leadership, mental health, health equity, hot topics, and emerging practices.

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Mental Health: Language Matters

In our very first episode, Dr. Suzanne Hawley talks with Dr. Amy Chesser about mental health literacy and the importance of language. Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Mental Health: The Need for Trauma-Informed Training

In the second episode of our podcast, Maya Chilese talks with Dr. BeLue, Kemba and Dr. Barnes about the importance of trauma informed training in schools. Resources mentioned in this episode:

Mental Health: Employer Responses

Maya Chilese talks with business leaders about how they respond to and address mental health within their companies. Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Mental Health: No Wrong Door

In this final episode of our mental health series, Maya Chilese talks with a coalition from Washington County, Iowa about the value of coalitions in responding to mental health in public safety.

Release date: September 17, 2019