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2021 Sizzling Summer Series

This year’s 5-part webinar series explored what it will take to become an anti-racist public health system.

Session 1 – The Role of Identity in Health Outcomes

  • This session will explore concepts related to identity and the role it plays in population health. The presenter will discuss how identities are formed, the social and cultural constructs of identity, examine social identity theory, and discuss how one’s identity can impact health outcomes.
  • Click here for webinar recording and slides

Session 2 – Micro- and Macro-Aggressions and Implicit Bias

  • Implicit bias plays a significant role in the plethora of health and health care inequities in the United States, and as such, our attention is needed. From this session, you will gain new recognition and understanding of implicit bias, as well as microaggressions in the workplace and in the public health services we provide. Linkages between implicit bias, micro/macro-aggressions, structural oppression, and health outcomes are made.
  • Click here for webinar recording and slides

Session 3 – Structural versus Individual Inequalities

  • Clarify the definition of racism and differentiate between racist, non-racist, and anti-racist
  • Examine how social inequities are based on societal structure rather than on individuals
  • Consider the significance of intersectionality as it relates to race, class, gender, and other identities
  • Explore the legacy of racism and the connection between historical and current oppression
  • Compare transformative and transactional change
    Click here for webinar recording and slides

Session 4 – Empathy, Privilege, and Cultural Humility

Session 5 – Approaching Practice with an Anti-Racist Lens

  • This session will feature DEI certified leaders in public health law and policy and will explore how we got here and practical ways to approach 21st century public health practice through an anti-racist lens.
  • Click here for webinar recording and slides

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