Stepping Out into the Community

by Louise Hyneman

This past week I had the opportunity to work more directly with some of the community members the Saint Louis Area Foodbank serves. On Tuesday I assisted with a food fair in one of the cities in St. Louis County. The food fair started at 11, but when we arrived to set up around 9 there were already a few cars lined up eager to get food. The food was packaged so that we could give each family a whole case of each item. Items we were able to offer included milk, eggs, egg rolls, oranges, apples, carrots, and watermelons. The majority of the food was distributed by the US government so a detailed sign in sheet was required by the USDA. People were also able to pick up food for other families by providing us with multiple vouchers that were distributed by the mayor. As people drove through the line, food was placed directly in their car based on how many families were represented in each car.

I was pleasantly surprised by how nice most of the people were. We had a few issues with people trying to cut the line, but thankfully the ones being cut in front of were incredibly nice and didn’t think it was worth the drama to fight about it. Overall it was a great success and 30,000 pounds of food were distributed in about 3 hours.

This week I also did a SNAP outreach without my supervisor at a small food pantry. I was able to fill out one application, so the event was considered a success. This week I enjoyed being out of the office more and working directly with the people I want to serve. It reminds me why I want to do the behind the scenes planning work.

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