Strategies to Advance Health Equity: How Health Departments Can Protect the Health of Immigrants

Course Description:

This self-paced, interactive module prepares public health professionals working in state and local health departments to develop or support health care, social services, and public health programs to protect the health of immigrants. This session begins with an introduction to immigration policy and its relationship to health as well as local strategies to protect immigrant health. Next, learners will explore three case studies that highlight real policy changes governments have implemented to create more immigrant inclusive communities. During these case studies, learners will have time to reflect on ways their organization can partner with government agencies to support immigration health.

This training offers learners helpful learning tables, optional narration, and descriptive definitions on key terms.

This learning opportunity topic is aligned with one or more of the strategic skills.

Sponsor: Region 2 Public Health Training Center
Training Format: Online course
Publish Date: 2018

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