In the Fall of 2020, the Midwestern Public Health Training Center brought together 30 stakeholders across our four-state region (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska) to conduct an analysis of Public Health systems and the workforce by highlighting existing and emergent strengths, identifying areas for growth, and setting tangible goals to improve these systems. Explore this page to learn more about Systems Practice and our Systems Mapping journey.

Guiding Star:

A valued and capable Public Health system that is seamlessly interwoven within communities and across institutions to provide adaptive, respectful, and informed leadership that enables health and dignity for the full, beautiful diversity of our population.

Systems Practice Presentation

System Map Presentation

Engage with the Map Below

To see the narrative description and accompanying community stories on different parts of the map, click on each loop (numbered 1 through 19). You can also hover over the bolded titles to see only the causal pathways of that loop. To see a larger version of the map, click here.