Wichita State University Offers Badge Program



Wichita State University’s new Badge Program makes education accessible and affordable. Badges are designed with the working professional in mind. Coursework is structured for a student to complete online at their convenience, but in smaller increments. The first badge course to launch is the Care of Population Health Professions, Badge 1, and it is aimed at public health professionals. This badge is a 0.5 credit hour class that will appear on a transcript indicating that academic work was successfully completed in a short course for less than a full credit hour. The Care of Population badge program is broken into six badge courses all tied directly to Tier 1 of the Public Health Core Competencies. Besides the core competencies, students can use the badge content for continuing education and in some cases toward a degree. Registration is now available for Badge 1. Badges 2-6 will launch spring 2016.

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